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Finass Business Travel Workshop 2019, always a pleasure

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

It was an impressive event with almost 100 participants. On October 23, 2019, the annual "Finass Business Travel Worshop" took place at the SIX Convention Point in Zurich - Together with our partner travelBrain - we had the oportunity to exchange with delegates on travel risk management

Birger Oldorff travel risk management specialist at Finass Travel Workshop

Finass, a leading Swiss travel service provider for efficient business travel worldwide, put the focus on new sales models of various travel services providers.

We have been given 30 minutes to discuss around "travel security" - but adapted to the events motto and have adapted to “how to best buy” corresponding services, concentrating especially on SME’s with international business.

In the course of the presentation, there was a spanning exchange with the delegates. It turned out that many companies consider the topic with highest priority. However, it also became apparent that many people often do not know exactly what targets to set when introducing processes around travel security

This is exactly what our presentation was all about, with a short excursion into the legislation (Duty of Care) and the various elements of travel risk management - before, during and after a trip.

Finally, we invited delegates to download our self-assessment questionnaire containing 34 questions - free of charge at the following link.

We now look forward to future exciting exchange with Finass customers.

Furthermore, Michael Peschke (Lufthansa) explained the new sales world of the airlines, while management consultant Ludger Bals then gave a lecture on the purchasing processes.

Kathrin Dellantonio, Head Corporate Partnerships, Foundation myclimate, Zurich spoke about how to "avoid - reduce - compensate" the CO2 emissions in traveling companies.

The presentation series was closed by extreme diver Peter Colat, who was able to catch the audience with his experiences and pictures from the first to the last minute.

We are looking forward to the next Finass Travel Workshop

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