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Our portfolio

To enable organisations, do business globally in a healthy way, we support those who care about their employees.

We also help health-, technology-, service- and insurance providers develop their reach in the ecosystem.

Let us assist with consulting, training, project management, implementation, strategy and sales operations support for:

  • Employee benefits

Investing in health and wellbeing is key to win the "war for talents" and to remain competitive.

  • Digital health

Helping patients, payors, insurances and firms achieve the best financial and health outcome is what we stand for.​


  • Travel / mobility insurance and assistance

We gladly offer our experience and network in the health-, travel- and International private medical insurance space. 

  • Sales Excellence

We want you to achieve your sales goals when entering a new market or introducing new products. 

Travel Risk Management
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See what customers says about us

“Birger is highly proficient and professional, consistently proving trustworthiness and competence. My team could always count on a job well-done for our clients and prospects with Birger as our counterpart.“

Head of Digital Business Development  at Multinational Health Insurance

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