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You are a  IPMI,  travel insurance, assistance company's,

TPA, or medical & insurance technology firm

Looking to gain an edge over your competitors? We are experts in product and business development. Are you seeking entry into lucrative markets, such as Germany, Switzerland, France, and worldwide? Contact us to discuss your specific objectives.

You are a SME, multinationals, NGO's and organisations who

need to protect their most valuable asset - your employee  on the road

Business travel carries risks such as accidents, outbreaks, natural disasters, crime, and cyber threats. Our Travel Risk Management solutions align with ISO31030 guidelines for organizations and enable you to fulfill your Duty of Care, regardless of your size or budget. Our programs prioritize sustainability, employee well-being, and governance.

Our services

We offer expertise in global health, insurtech, benefits, travel risk management, travel insurance, IPMI, HR mobility, claims, and more, with input from our industry network when necessary.

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Business development and strategy consulting


Travel risk management  (TRM) solutions 

Our academy

With our experience in international business development, we aim to help you achieve your goals and enter new markets. We have successfully worked with travel insurers, IPMI providers, assistance companies, security providers, TPAs, and cost containment specialists worldwide.

We understand your Duty of Care and adhere to the ISO 31030 standards on travel risk management. Reach out to learn how your company compares with your industry peers! Or let us work together to develop your own travel risk management program. Do you already know what you need? Check out our standardized TRM programs for small, medium, or large enterprises.

We love to share our knowledge on travel insurance, IPMI, employee mobility, travel risk management, employee health, claims management, healthcare costs, and healthcare markets such as Germany, Switzerland, and the USA. Our bespoke training and workshops are designed to bring you and your teams up to speed.

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Our partners

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“Birger is highly proficient and professional, consistently proving trustworthiness and competence. My team could always count on a job well-done for our clients and prospects with Birger as our counterpart.“

Head of Digital Business Development  at Multinational Health Insurance

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