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3 top Myths about Travel Risk Management Implementation

Many organisations believe that they are far behind in implementing Travel risk Management systems and policies.

This is because a few Myths around the subject have been cultivated over the Years.

Yes, it is key for a company that operates abroad to review its travel risks management setup on a regular basis. What to do, and how is very much depending on the organisations operations, geographical scope, its culture and own risk appetite.

Experience shows that many company's already have many elements of a TRM in place, often without knowing it.

The easiest way to proceed therefore is to bring all relevant head of departments together, to conduct assessment workshops, to align findings and to than communicate those properly to employees.

The video attached should provide a bit more guidance how to best proceed to a TRM assessment. Oldorff Consulting has moderated such workshops in many smaller and larger Companies and is happy to assist at any time.


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