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Remote site medical support - redefined, with Azura Medica

Great news to share!

Oldorff Consulting is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Azura Medica to support their commercial development. Based in Singapore, Azura Medica is a trusted provider of location-based medical services, with extensive experience in managing medical services in remote locations, offshore waters, and major events.

Our partnership aims to expand Azura Medica's reach in Europe, with a focus on Switzerland. This country is home to some of the largest infrastructure, energy, mining, and support organizations in the world, as well as numerous NGO's, government organizations, and global sports associations. Our proximity to these organizations will enable Azura Medica to better assess clients' needs and provide tailored consulting and operational solutions.

At Oldorff Consulting, we are committed to supporting our clients' duty of care obligations. Therefore, Azura Medica’s offering fits perfectly to our portfolio by extending in the occupational health, emergency response, and medical supply chain sectors.

Azura Medica offers top-quality medical services to clients who have their own medical staff, source through a manpower supplier, or completely outsource to Azura Medica. Their expertise perfectly aligns with our goal to provide the best possible medical support to employees, no matter where they are, including remote locations.

We are excited about working with Azura Medica and the opportunities it brings for both. We look forward to a fruitful partnership and delivering exceptional medical services to our clients.


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