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Digital health shopping - If access to health was easy like buying a hotel room or plane ticket

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

This is the second video in this series on Trends in Health Technology innovation. This time we focus on technology that allows self-service provider search, appointment booking and information sharing.

Welcome back to our video series on health technology trends.

Last time, we explored how digital triage and telehealth services can dramatically enhance access to outpatient care. If you haven't seen that video, you'll find a link to it in the BIO.

Technology innovation is changing our industry like never seen before. All in the ecosystem are affected, including payers, patients and providers.

The other big trends in the healthcare industry keeping hundreds or maybe thousands of tech companies and startups busy will be covered in this video series.

  • Today, we'll start with our #2. We'll look at how tech companies enhance the patient journey through self-service tools for doctor appointment setting.

  • Next one will be on remote patient monitoring and case management. The large topic of virtual care will follow than.

  • Cost control, cost management and cost containment will be covered in a dedicated video.

  • Last but not least, we'll have a look at technology facilitating payments.

Let's get started with our today topic.

Imagine the future of healthcare like what you experienced today in the travel and hospitality world. self-service has become a standard all this digital including availability, check, reservation and payment, even quality reviews are available at fingertip.

But why is medicine slower in innovation than, for example, the travel industry?

The answer is easy. Other than in hospitality, data confidentiality plays a dominant role.

Also, payment systems are not uniform around the world. Some countries have single payer insurance. Other are more private with various benefits.

But things are changing rapidly. According to the industry tracking provider see link in bio, there is currently more than 1400 companies worldwide specialized in medical appointment booking, though many in the area of telemedicine.

Let's take the time and have a look at some of the most interesting ones.

Let's start with

, a US startup. They want to transform the healthcare system in something similar to any business that has to compete for customers. Already 4,000,000 patients per month use them search for specialists accepting their insurance, book appointments, write reviews and share medical files.

Next one from the old continent Europe. , a French company currently available in France, Germany and Italy, with so far 60 million users. They work in similar ways Zocdoc does, but also offer own telemedical services. has announced that they will provide appointment services in the US. To start with, they will link into the MinuteClinic network.

MinuteClinic is a division of. CVS Health that provides retail clinic services. CVS Health is the US largest pharmacy network. A very strong alliance as one can imagine.

Lots of activities to help patients become more independent and informed.

We together with our insurances gain in transparency to increase quality and cost efficiency in a process that in the past was simply closed for the healthcare consumer.

Thanks for watching. Share your comments in the comment field below brought to you by Oldorff Consulting.


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