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Travel Risk Management for SMEs

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Your company operates in different countries or even globally and has colleagues from sales, customer service and other departments around the world who are traveling.

Exclusive workshop in small groups

For executive board members, HR managers, safety officers, occupational safety, sales or customer service managers and others.

Does this sound familiar? You open the newspaper in the morning. The front page reports of political unrest, a natural disaster or a terrorist attack or the spread of a malicious virus!

That does not happen to us !? Are you and your company prepared for such incidents? Do the employees who are on your behalf know how to prepare for an incident and how to act correctly when it arrives? Has your company done everything to comply with the information obligation before the trip and to ensure the safety of employees during the trip?

Your Rights & obligations What are the legal obligations? Can I be sued? Is travel insurance enough? What do my customers, business partners or the families of the employees concerned say?

Goals of the workshop After this practical workshop, you will be able to correctly assess the subject of "Travel Risk Management". You now know which elements are important in setting up a travel safety program and how to proceed.

Register here

http://bit/TRMWorkshop oder oder einfach telefonisch +41 44 742 2222


Nach diesem Workshop sind Sie in der Lage das Thema Reisesicherheit richtig zu bewerten. Sie wissen, welche Elemente beim Aufbau eines Programms zur unternehmensweiten Reisesicherheit wichtig sind und wie Sie diese Umsetzen


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